Roofs and Gutters

Hilly’s clean all types of roofs and gutters, using specialised roof sprays and high-pressure cleaners to leave your roof looking like new.

We clean gutters by hand, flushing out any build-up of foliage and debris. Minimise fire hazard, reduce rust build-up and keep the water flowing freely.

Is it worth the money? Yes! Regular roof and gutter cleans extend the life of roofing materials, reduce the need for maintenance and increase house value.

Solar Panels

Make the most of your solar investment by keeping panels sparkling.

Yes, rain gives a minimal rinse but it won’t remove baked-on grime, moss, algae or bird droppings on or under panels – and even rainwater can leave a film that reduces electrical efficiency.

Hilly’s fully licenced and experienced technicians use deionised water and a soft broom to remove all traces of dirt from solar panels. They’ll be left undamaged and working at optimal levels.

Exterior Walls and Windows

Walls and windows – the cleaning job at the end of the to-do list! We can transform, grimy windows or mouldy walls, getting to all those hard to reach spots.

Hilly’s experienced team are certified for safe working at heights. We’ll leave your windows polished and walls squeaky clean.

Trust the Hilly’s team to treat your windows with expert methods and fast, efficient service every time.

Driveways and Pathways

Our customers are always amazed at the transformation that happens at ground level. Removing mould, stains, oils and dirt reveals the original concrete or bricked surface and restores the street appeal of your property – you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it done sooner.

We use high pressure and efficient cleaning agents to get your surrounds looking like new. Make a good first impression before visitors even reach the front door.

Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons can short solar panel cells when they peck at solar panel wiring. We help you avoid this expensive maintenance by placing bird-proof mesh around the panels.

Need to tackle a particular problem at your place? Are you dealing with:

  • Reduced efficiency from your solar system
  • Animal infestations leaving a mess
  • Gutters overflowing and rusting
  • Mould and stains on driveways, retaining walls and pathways
  • Need your home looking its best before or after a special event?

We’ve never had a cleaning challenge we couldn’t fix. And you get a free, upfront quote, so there’s no surprises!

Here’s how we reveal your home’s best face

The Hilly’s house washing team use up to the minute cleaning equipment, designed for maximum results with zero damage to surfaces. Our cleaning agents are gentle, but thorough and will not harm vegetation or exterior surfaces, or the environment.

  1. We apply a low pressure water pre-soak to loosen the dirt.
  2. Using appropriate tools and tailored cleaning agents depending on the surface, we physically clean your home, getting into all the cracks and crevices. We’re  hands-on as needed, always taking care to protect surfaces while doing a thorough job.
  3. We apply low pressure water to rinse and finish off.

We’re qualified and insured to work at heights, and we’ve been growing our business in the Rockhampton area since 2016. We enjoy what we do, so get in touch to discuss how we can help you.